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Mary goes from Nidge's bit on the side to a wicked stepmother

HER Love/Hate character is among those tipped to be whacked, but Mary Murray, who plays crimelord Nidge's bit on the side Janet, already has a gig lined up should the worst happen.

She'll be Cinderella's wicked stepmother in this year's panto at Dublin's Helix theatre - a far cry from her brothel-owning tart-with-a-heart character in the hit crime series.

"As the stepmother I'm very scary," said Murray (35), who's appearing in panto for the first time.

"The kids are going to hate me, but the whole family will love Cinderella - it's a really funny, fast-paced panto packed full of brilliant gags.

"I was delighted to be asked to perform as the Helix panto has such a brilliant reputation with the critics and is just so funny that even the cast can't stop laughing.

"I'm also very excited about having the chance to sing on stage. I used to be a singer and I won big talent contests in my teens so I'm looking forward to that."


Love/Hate Janet is coming under increased pressure as Nidge, played by Tom Vaughan Lawlor, suspects her of feeding information about his operation to the gardai.

Last week's episode saw him discover a garda's mobile number on her phone, though she was only in touch with the authorities over her tearaway son's petty crime.

Murray is following in the footsteps of Love/Hate co-star Johnny Ward who'll play Peter Pan in the Gaiety panto across the city.

His character, gang enforcer Pauley, came over from Spain to keep an eye on Nidge and met a sticky end when he was pushed off a balcony by love interest Siobhan.

Cinderella will be played by RTE children's TV presenter Megan Cassidy while ITV Superstars finalist Chris Currid will be her Prince Charming.

The show runs in the Helix at Dublin City University from November 28 to January 11.