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Marty 'not ready' to pen book ... just yet


Marty Whelan and Geri Maye.

Marty Whelan and Geri Maye.

Marty Whelan and Geri Maye.

RTE presenter Marty Whelan has revealed how he was approached to write a book on his colourful life.

The Winning Streak co-host (57) is one of Ireland's best-known faces and has had a lengthy career in the broadcasting industry.

But while saying he had been asked by a publisher about putting pen to paper, he declined to say whether a deal had been sealed, saying he would "give it a few years yet".

Many of his RTE counterparts have written books about their lives, including the late Gerry Ryan.

And there's no doubt Marty would have plenty of tales to tell, given his four decades in the industry.

He's back on our small screens for another season co-presenting the National Lottery programme with Sinead Kennedy and is currently in San Francisco.

"I really love San Francisco. I was there once before but the great trick about the Golden Gate bridge is we found a shop that hired out motorised bicycles so you can just cycle across. Of course it's lazy. People were watching going 'look at them'," he said.

Earlier this year saw him opening up about his hair transplant in a bid to stay relevant as he said he was becoming conscious of a bald patch (inset).

And he said the reaction has been "fantastic" - but he would draw the line at having anything more radical done.

"All the other bits seem to be in working order. I've had no complaints or problems, so I'll leave them for the moment," he continued.

He was at the centre of reports earlier this year that RTE were lining up Marty Morrissey as a possible replacement, which the broadcaster denied at the time.

Speaking about them, he described them as "silly because it was never a story" and that he and fellow presenter Sinead always knew he would be back on the show.

"Somebody put two and two together and got nine. And it's as simple as that. There's only one moustache," he added.

"This is one of the things that I've done for an awfully long time and I love what this is and you wouldn't like not to be involved."