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Management skills

We're just back from london," says The Chakras' frontman Rocky Whittaker. "We're about three days away from finishing the album. We haven't picked who's mixing it yet so the release date isn't set in stone. We're extremely eager. We've signed with the booking agency CAA, who have Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, in London and in LA."

With their agency promising major touring opportunities, The Chakras are anxious to have their album available at the start of the summer. That way they can hit the festival circuit in style.

Crucially, the Dubliners have the most important part of the business equation in place: they're managed by music business legend Dave Boyd.

Boyd was the creative force behind the Hut label, which masterminded the launch in Britain of Verve, Gomez and Smashing Pumpkins. More recently, he was involved with Independiente, the label behind Travis and Embrace.

Boyd discovered The Chakras while trawling the web.

"About two years ago we were picked by MySpace in the UK as the band of the fortnight," explains Rocky. "We were on the home page there for two weeks. Dave loved it and decided to manage us. That came at a good time for us because we all love Urban Hymns and a good few albums that Dave was involved in. It was a big leap of faith for him. He came over here and we agreed to work together."

And what was his first input into shaping the band's career? "He loved the sound," says Rocky. "His first advice was: 'I think you should lock yourselves away and write the classic album.'"

The band didn't need more prompting. "We spent a year in a room in Shankill writing and trying to get the album that we wanted," says Rocky. "We think it's there now."

The band began recording tracks to check their progress. Last year the single Build Me A Swan was released here through Universal.

The Chakras have also taken care of business in Los Angeles and played a short English tour. "We took in major cities like Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham. And we did the main stage at Latitude, which is one of the big festivals. We played in Norway at Sommerfest and we did Oxegen. We're ready. The live show is up to standard."

Although based here, the centre of the band's empire is London. "From the beginning we always had an international focus," says Rocky. "We want to succeed on an international level. Dave's advice was not to get too caught up in Ireland. His main focus for us is the UK. We're just waiting to get the album and set the wheels in motion." -- EC

The Chakras play Whelan's on Monday with Planet Parade and Funeral Suits