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Maeve Fitzgerald: Maeve of honour

Cooking: Richard Corrigan or ready-made?

My fiancé [Alan Stanford] is a very good cook but I'm not.

Wardrobe: Penneys or Prada?

My favourite shop is Warehouse.

Fashion: victim or setter?

When I was younger I was a victim.

Shopping: twice a season or twice a week?

Definitely twice a week -- shiny and sparkly things catch my eye.

Holidays: Discover Ireland or discover the world?

Discover the world. I tend to go back to Morocco a lot.

Beauty regime: one minute or one hour?

One hour at the very least. I'm very superstitious and have to do everything the same way, even take my vitamins in the same order.

Commute: public transport or pay the meter?

I walk everywhere because I live in the city centre. I have no excuse.

Pets: dog devotee or cat crusader?

We had dogs growing up but I love cats. I think they are hilarious. Dogs have owners but cats have servants.

Health: alternative or aspirin?

Any quack thing that's going on, I'll have it! Just a few things in my handbag at the moment are Eskimo Oil, Vitamin B and Manuka Honey. Of course, if I have a hangover, I'll still take aspirin.

Location: Northside notable or Southside star?

I'm from Raheny, and I'm very proud to be a Northsider; we have The Abbey, The Gate and the O2.

Technology: techno savvy or technophobe?

I'm fairly techno savvy. I go on Facebook a lot and I did join Twitter, but I'm not quite sure what it's for.

Reading: chick-lit or not in a fit?

I read short stories because I have a very short attention span. It fills me with dread to start a novel, which defeats the whole purpose. I also read a lot of plays.

On your iPod: Beyoncé or Bach?

I have everything you could think of on my iPod, from chart music to classical music to show tunes.

TV: reality TV drama or real TV drama?

I watch both; I think the BBC do amazing costume dramas. I also watch a lot of documentaries on National Geographic. But if it were a choice between University Challenge and My Fat Family, My Fat Family would probably win.

Maeve Fitzgerald plays Ophelia in Second Age Theatre Company's Hamlet, directed by Alan Stanford, which runs in The Helix, Dublin 'til March 19th. Tel: 01 679 8542. See www.secondage.com