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Madeline 'plotted with Holly' but she's hard not to like

IT'S hard not to like Madeline. Bubbly, chatty and full of nervous energy, she was the person who, from day one, seemed most thrilled to be doing the show, and her energy gradually rubbed off on everyone else.

She is not, it must be said, the world's greatest cook.

Her idea of a starter is tomato on toast, while her chicken pasta bake contained just about every ingredient known to man.

But to judge someone purely on their culinary skills is to miss the point of Come Dine With Me. A lesson which I learnt the hard way...

The fact that she and Holly herself became firm friends, and in so doing became thick as thieves and hatched a joint plan to get back at me, was a sore point for a while.

But that's all in the past, forgiven and forgotten. Honest...