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'Lucky' Linda's TV routine's got us all talking

IT has to be the most bizarre TV moment of the year – Eurovision winner Linda Martin covering Pharrell Williams and Daft Punk's super-cool song of the summer Get Lucky.

TV viewers were left slack- jawed and Twitter lit up as Linda shimmied around The Saturday Night Show stage and belted out the hit song.

And now her mesmerising rendition has become an online sensation.

Tens of thousands of people have already logged on to see Linda wave her hands in the air like she just doesn't care.

And the Saturday Night Show is the most viewed TV programme on the RTE Player.

For some, it was TV gold.

But for others, it was quite simply car crash telly.

Either way the entire nation is talking about Linda's compulsive performance.

"Linda Martin is singing Daft Punk on The Saturday Night Show??" Republic Of Telly host Jennifer Maguire wrote.

"Well that's that song ruined now. It's like watching your ma after five sherrys. This is a joke," one viewer said.



"Linda Martin makes Crystal Swing look like The Who."

"Dear Pharrell, I apologise on behalf of the people of Ireland," another commented.

Voice Of Ireland coach Niall Breslin thinks RTE should have kept a closer eye on the Why Me singer backstage.

"Right lads, who let Linda Martin free on the skittles and Fanta in the green room?" the hunky singer asked.

But not everyone was quite so damning.

"Am I the only one that thinks a night in the Olympia with Linda Martin doing Daft Punk's entire back catalogue would be great craic?" one fan of the show mused.

And some expressed their desire to see Linda perform at boutique festival Forbidden Fruit the following day.

"I'll be very disappointed if Linda Martin isn't performing at Forbidden Fruit today."

It's been quite the fortnight for Linda; she was called a drag queen at the Eurovision, helped Louis Walsh try to find Ireland's answer to One Direction and has become a viral sensation.