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Loyal Louis breaks party ban for friend Caroline

X Factor judge Louis Walsh broke his self-imposed party ban out of loyalty to his good friend Caroline Downey.

However, it appears the strain of recent events has taken its toll.

The Mayo music mogul turned up at the 21st birthday party of Storm Desmond — the daughter of Caroline and her husband Denis Desmond.

However, despite smiling for the happy occasion, Louis was sporting a painful looking inflammation to his left eyelid — which appears to be a stye.

Louis has openly admitted he has been finding it hard to recover from the stress of false allegations of sexual assault which were levelled against him in June.

He recently spoke of not being able to sleep and how he has lost a significant amount of weight since the trauma.

Louis was completely exonerated within days of the allegations being made but the toll the trauma has taken on him is obvious.

He admitted recently: “I’ve changed for ever. This has made me physically ill. I can’t eat, I can’t sleep. I’ve lost so much weight that my suits don’t even fit me anymore.”

“Even today I’m still a shell of my former self. The pressures this business brings are immense.

“With good you get bad so I’m going to be suspicious of everyone I meet now.

Louis who admitted he was suicidal at the time of the allegations, also imposed a party ban on himself.


“I can’t believe it happened to me in Ireland, by Irish people. I wouldn’t expect it. I always felt safe here”.

However, the X Factor judge put a brave face on, on Friday night to attend the opulent event at Dublin’s Mansion House. Over 400 people attended the birthday bash, which was attended by celebrities including Boyzone’s Mikey Graham alongside wife Karen, RTE’s Pat Kenny and his wife Cathy, actor Stephen Rea as well as Bono’s best pals, Guggi and Gavin Friday.

Promoter Robbie Fox gave up his usual post at the door of The Pink nightclub to stroll across the road to attend while Lisa Fitzpatrick was there with hubbie Paul.

Storm doesn’t turn 21 until October but as she’s going to Canada to study history and politics, she celebrated early.