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Love/Hate's great but I still model for extra cash – Susan

SHE'S taking the acting world by storm but actress Susan Loughnane says she'll never leave her Top Model days far behind.

The 26-year-old red- head, who plays crack addict Debbie in RTE drama Love/Hate, appeared on hit show Britain And Ireland's Next Top Model and still poses and pouts when acting gigs are thin on the ground.


"It's a great little nixer," she told The Diary. "You just sort of fall back into it."

Susan lives in London and says her flatmate, who is also a model, is always roping her into fashion shoots.

"She knows all these designers and always asks me to step in when she can't make fittings or shoots. So I help out when I can. It pays well, which is always great."

The Dublin native says she has fond memories of appearing on the modelling show.

"I remember the tricks they taught us on the show," she laughs.

"It was good fun, an enjoyable experience and something I can tell the grandkids about."

But Susan wasn't up to speed with our latest Top Model export, Holly Carpenter.

"Who's Holly?" she asked. "I probably should know who that is but I don't. I hope she does well, good for her. I haven't watched that much of it since I was on it, to be honest."

The actress says she has just finished filming the first block of scenes for Love/Hate and loves being back on set. "I'll head over and do more filming when they're shooting block two," she added.