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Love/Hate's garda Kieran O'Reilly to release new album


Kieran O' Reilly

Kieran O' Reilly

Brian F.O'Byrne

Brian F.O'Byrne


Kieran O' Reilly

Love/Hate's real-life garda Kieran O'Reilly has revealed his next project is to release an album with his indie rock band.

The Dubliner caused some controversy when he joined the top gangland drama as Detective Ciaran Madden as he was an undercover detective in the Drugs Unit at the time.

Now his band, Hail The Ghost, are releasing their new album next March.

"It's been a hard year writing and recording," he said.

"I'm still a cop. That's my only job. Outside work I've packed a lot in this year, I really have great support at home and it's only because of this that I've been able to pursue my hobbies the way I have.

"There's been a lot of late nights… just look at my face," Kieran told Image Daily.


Kieran also revealed that he has been encouraged by his co-star Brian F O'Byrne (right) who played Detective Moynihan.

"We Skype a lot and he's always been encouraging us to release something since I played him the first song a year ago. He's nearly at manager status now," Kieran said.

O'Byrne has had success of his own recently as he has joined the cast of TNT's hit apocalyptic drama The Last Ship for its second series in the US.

O'Byrne and co-star Nick Court will play Sean and Ned Ramsey, brothers who come into contact with the crew of the USS Nathan James as those on board seek a cure for a global viral pandemic and try to save humanity.

He has previously starred in US dramas Prime Suspect and Law and Order.

Dubliner Aaron Heffernan played Detective Gavin in Love/Hate and he is planning a move to London after signing with top talent agency, United Talent.

The agency represent top stars like Keira Knightley, Benedict Cumberbatch and Angelina Jolie.