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Love/Hate sets kept secret from the cast


Tom Vaughan Lawlor is seen filming the latest series of Love/ Hate. Damiean Eagers

Tom Vaughan Lawlor is seen filming the latest series of Love/ Hate. Damiean Eagers

Tom Vaughan Lawlor is seen filming the latest series of Love/ Hate. Damiean Eagers

THEY are the stars of Ireland’s most successful drama, but not even the cast of Love/Hate are trusted with keeping details of filming locations a secret.

The actors portraying a gang of Dublin criminals in Stuart Carolan’s RTE hit are working six days a week while filming season five of the popular programme.

With the creator keen to use film sets as little as possible, fans across the city are regularly on the lookout for their Love/Hate favourites in a chance to grab a picture in between scenes.

To date, the crew have used a closed garda station in Whitehall, a graveyard in Deansgrange, the defunct Noel Leonard’s pub on Victoria Quay, and a house in Castleknock, which features as kingpin Nidge’s family home on screen.

Last month they were seen shooting outside Dublin Zoo and this week they are based in Malahide, for a storyline that includes a high-profile solicitor.

And The Herald can reveal that the TV stars are only informed of scene locations the night before they are due to take place.

“There are very few people who actually know what is happening on the shoot days in advance,” a source told this newspaper.


“Only a select group on the crew know where production will be going on around the city and then they tell the rest of the crew and the cast last minute - but sometimes it’s even been the case when a wrong address will be given out on purpose to see if locations are being leaked.

“RTE and the production company are trying to keep as much as possible under wraps until the next series is out - that has proved impossible in the past so they’re all trying a different way of doing things,” the insider said.

The forthcoming instalment will consist of six episodes and is expected to air later this year on RTE One.

Principle photography will finish in June and the final two weeks of filming will take place in Spain, with Nidge (Tom Vaughan Lawlor) due to base himself abroad for a portion of the show in a bid to escape the law.

“Obviously not all of the cast will be involved in that part overseas, so it’s being left until last,” a source said.

“A lot of the actors have other jobs to go straight into afterward, so it’s important to get the majority of the other stuff out of the way.”

Confidentiality agreements were signed by all the stars prior to filming in March in an effort to make sure details of the plot are not disclosed.

Stuart Carolan has traditionally killed off key cast members every season and now followers are eager to find out who’s next for the chop.