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Louise tells of mum's joy over engagement


Louise Duffy

Louise Duffy

Louise Duffy

TODAY FM's Louise Duffy has broken her silence on her engagement to Kerry GAA star Paul Galvin.

The fashion-forward footballer (33) went down on bended knee a week ago and popped the question to the Mayo native, who started her new lunchtime show this week.

Duffy said her mother was so thrilled with the news that she is already trying to plan their wedding.

"We've no plans at all," said Duffy (29). "But my mother's like Franc the wedding planner."


Galvin, who announced his retirement from football in February, and Duffy have been dating for nearly three years. Former AA Roadwatch reporter Duffy said she was "a little bit nervous" about starting in her new slot, but said it was good to be working more sociable hours.

She said it was "exhilarating" to be awake past 8pm and a novelty to be walking to work when there were "no milk floats and no one outside Coppers".