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Lots Of Lee Way

Actress Róisín Ní Chualáin, who plays Lee in Ros na Rún, tells Emma Blain her likes and dislikes

Cooking: Richard Corrigan or ready-made? A bit of both really. I prefer a home-cooked meal but it depends on my filming schedule for Ros na Rún.

Wardrobe: Penneys or Prada? I'd love to say Prada but unfortunately I'm restricted by my budget, so it's Penneys for now.

Fashion: victim or setter? I'm happy in the middle, and I wear what I think suits me.

Shopping: twice a season or twice a week? I have to say twice a week.

Holidays: Discover Ireland or discover the world? I'd like to take a big trip around the world. The long breaks in filming from Ros na Rún mean I'll have plenty of opportunity once I start saving.

Drink: Guinness or Grey Goose? Grey Goose. There are some great spots around for cocktails in Galway.

Weekends: down the local or cruising Krystle? These days I'm down in the local but if I had my way I'd be cruising Krystle.

Beauty regime: one minute or one hour? I confess to being a one-hour girl.

Money: rainy day or live for today? Live for today. Although I do think that it's always a good idea to have some cash stashed for emergencies.

Commute: public transport or pay the meter? Pay the meter. I'm so used to my car now I can't imagine using public transport again.

Property: smell the sea or see the smog? I'm a Galway girl at heart so I'd have to say smell the sea.

Pets: dog devotee or cat crusader? I go for dogs all the way.

Health: alternative or aspirin? I'd try to go for an alternative remedy as much as I can, but sometimes you just need to reach for a Panadol or two.

Technology: techno-savvy or technophobe? Computers seem to hate me so I'd have to say technophobe.

Reading: chick-lit or not in a fit? I like to read when I have time but I have a bad habit of starting a book and never finishing it.

On your iPod: Beyoncé or Bach? Definitely Beyoncé.

TV: Reality TV drama or real TV drama? Well, considering all the trouble my character Lee gets up to in Ros na Rún, I'd have to say real TV drama.

Ros na Rún is on TG4 every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 8.30pm and an omnibus is aired on Sunday nights at 10.25pm