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Lifestyle: Skin-care tips

One of the big looks for beauty this spring/summer is colour. If you're usually pretty conservative with your make-up and that sounds a bit drastic, don't worry -- make-up artist Roy Wong says the focus is on the softer end of the colour palette.

"Spring 2010 make-up is bursting with colour," he says. "From coral and pink, to gold and plum, they are beautiful but almost diminished hues of pastel. This year, these light, natural colours lend themselves to an organic feeling of beauty, which isn't at all contrived."

Fresh and pretty, the new shades are all about enhancement. "Colours like these bring more focus to the skin, cheekbones, eyes and lips," says Wong. "Instead of covering everything up on the face, these colours help to show the beauty that is there.

"Eyelashes are also so important; the more the better, and one way to achieve this look is by adding false lashes, lash extensions or a couple of coats of mascara. With every look this season, well-groomed brows are a must, so get a good, clear brow gel."

To get the most from this colourful look, your base needs to be perfect. While products will go some way towards faking a great skin look, it's always advisable to try to have great skin too. "Healthy-looking skin will always be in fashion," says Wong. "Achieve that radiant glow and blemish-free skin by the basics of a simple but healthy diet and a good skincare routine.

"Proper cleansing not only removes the dust, dirt and make-up that accumulates during the day, but also stops the oil-secreting sebaceous glands from getting clogged. When you invest time, care and love in your skin, you'll be rewarded with soft, firm and radiant skin."

A top tip used by many make-up artists is to use a primer after moisturiser and before foundation. "The essential function of a foundation primer is to prepare the skin for make-up application," says Wong. "It creates a perfect texture to help make-up glide over pores and wrinkles, creates a soft-focus appearance and also assists in keeping make-up fresh and colour-true for hours."

This season's base is "more about natural radiance -- almost a nude face with a hint of colour hue", says Wong. Instead of a heavy base, Wong suggests a tinted moisturiser or a mineral foundation to give a lightweight, sheer coverage -- another reason to take extra care of your skin.

He adds: "Be mindful of what you put into your body and know exactly what you are applying to your skin. Read the product's ingredients to become familiar with the contents."

Roy Wong is a freelance make-up artist. For information, visit www. roywong.ie or email info@roywong.ie