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Lifestyle: Nail girls

Nail Girls co-founder Lynda-Louise Burrell reveals to brenda mccormick how nails have seasonal trends inspired by the catwalk

Beauty trends are as high profile as fashion trends these days, as the cosmetics industry (and us regular folk) takes its lead from what's happening on the catwalks.

"Seasonal trends are no longer limited to fashion," explains nail expert Lynda-Louise Burrell, who co-founded Nail Girls with her sister, Jo. "The beauty industry is now inspired by the catwalk -- even nails have their changing seasonal trends. Shape, colour, pattern and designs are all influenced by catwalk creations, and this season is no different, with a focus on subtle sophistication."

On many of the spring/summer 2010 catwalks, nails were minimal in colour and cut, with touches of sparkle in their embellishment. Burrell says the key colours for the season are greige (mixing grey and beige), mannequin nudes, taupe (a fresh alternative to grey) and pastels. "Pastels are a major colour-player this season," she says. From ice-cream tones to brighter Easter Sunday hues, big pastel shades include soft pinks, pistachio green, blue hues -- from baby, to sky, to aqua -- soft lilac and pale peach.

When it comes to finishes, Burrell says some colours have a touch of iridescent shimmer, but a matte finish was also big on the catwalks.

"Matte nail polish is now back in style," she says. "This strong, avant-garde look is catwalk fresh."

The easiest way to achieve the finish is with a matte topcoat, such as the one from Nail Girls (from €12), which will 'matiffy' any nail-polish colour of your choice. But Burrell cautions: "If it's not applied properly -- using a basecoat and a steady hand -- then, unlike traditional gloss topcoats, any mistakes will show in the application."

Nail art is also a major trend this season. Floral prints, geometric prints -- such as oversized checks and thick stripes -- and tribal prints all adorned nails on the catwalks. Sparkle turned up too, with sequins, studs and crystals adding shimmer. Burrell says adornments can be sprinkled over every nail, or restricted to just the big toe or index finger to add a bit of catwalk glamour.

Finally, when it comes to nail shape, it was either round and short or almond and long. "To shape the nails, use nail clippers or a glass nail file," Burrell advises.

"Hold your nail file at an angle and shape your nails from the left-hand corner to the middle for two strokes, and the same from the right to the middle for a few stokes, until they are shaped to perfection."

Nail Girls products are available online at www.nailgirls.co.uk