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Liam's on 'naked' camera as he's soaked for charity

IRISH star Liam Neeson stripped down to his briefs and was completely drenched on US television -- all in the name of charity.

THE 'Taken' actor may be in his sixth decade but he was not afraid to show off his body on TV.

The A-lister, who lost his wife Natasha Richardson in a tragic skiing accident in 2009, agreed to be soaked on the Ellen DeGeneres show in a bid to raise money for cancer research.

Host Ellen offered the star the option of boxers or briefs for his watery punishment.

And Liam had no hesitation in going for the more revealing option.

Ellen was impressed with his bravery, telling him: "You are setting the bar high. Whoever follows you."

An audience member had the honour of hitting a target while Liam sat in his dressing gown in the water tank.

A total of $10,000 would go to cancer research if she was successful.

However, Liam (60) pushed the boat out and challenged Ellen to stump up further cash by raising the stakes and offering to take off his robe.

"If I take this off does the 10 thousand become 20 thousand?" he asked.

Ellen replied: I'll make that happen if you take that off and go sit in that chair."

The audience were clearly impressed with the Ballymena native and cheered and guffawed.

There was an amusing visual illusion created when he sat down and it was not missed by Ellen.

"Oh my god, if someone's just tuning in you look naked in there," she said.

Ellen joined in on the game and the target was hit in seconds leaving Liam completely drenched.