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Legal woes mount

Alicia and Elsbeth are forced to put their legal battle on hold when the government brings an economic espionage charge against both of their clients. Meanwhile, Diane sets her sights on moving Florrick, Agos & Lockhart into a different office space.

Rick risks it all for food

the walking dead

RTE Two, 10.50pm

Rick leads a risky mission to a food bank known to be surrounded by walkers as the group's supplies run low, and the leader is unsure whether he can really trust those around him.

Web of Nazi murder

Foyle's war

UTV Ireland, 8pm

The detective is drawn into the strange murder of eminent art historian Professor Van Haren, who was really a former high-ranking Nazi hired by MI5 due to his expert knowledge of Soviet intelligence. Meanwhile, as Sam's husband Adam embarks on a busy career as an MP, she worries whether she will be able to share some big news with him. Crime drama set in the 1940s, starring Michael Kitchen and Honeysuckle Weeks, with Tamzin Outhwaite and Rupert Vansittart. Last in the series.

Case comes unstuck

no offence

Channel 4, 9pm

As Paul Abbott's procedural saga continues, there's no shortage of fresh problems for DI Vivienne Deering and her team. The police are readying a trap for the prime suspect in the serial killer case, but their best-laid plans soon come unstuck. The long-suffering law enforcers risk their operation being derailed entirely when a notorious child murderer's new identity is leaked online, so the team have to come up with a new approach - and fast. Crime drama, starring Joanna Scanlan, Elaine Cassidy and Alexandra Roach.

Outlandish fantasy


RTE Two, 11.45pm

Jamie is freed following a daring rescue, but his mind lingers on the torture he endured. Period drama, starring Sam Heughan. Last in the series.

Vanessa, Ethan and Sir Malcolm try to defend the mansion from another attack, the Creature grows impatient with Victor, and Hecate returns to her mother with a gift. Starring Eva Green (right) and Timothy Dalton.