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Laura Woods - an early riser

I'm delighted to see that Laura Woods has landed the job as co-presenter on Ireland AM, filling in for Anna Daly while she's on maternity leave.

Laura gave birth to her own baby Ben earlier this year, so has endured nine months of waking up at the crack of dawn to the sound of a demanding, stroppy, self-obsessed baby. Coincidentally, for the next six months, she'll share a couch with Mark Cagney.

I'm saying nothing...

* * *

At noon Thursday, Assets Models tweeted that gorgeous Jennifer Maguire, businesswoman and presenter on Republic of Telly, had signed on as a model for the agency, with pictures of her put up on Assets' Facebook page.

By 7pm how-ever, Jennifer tweeted that she was not with Assets, and attached the name of her agent to contact for any bookings.

We've all heard about Assets losing some of its top names to rival agencies in recent months, but surely hiring and losing a client within seven hours sets some kind of record?

* * *

reading of TV3's decision to kill off the Friday night version of the Vincent Browne show (inset), it struck me that when it comes to TV shows, yours truly is the ultimate kiss of death.

I appeared on that show a few months ago, and now it's been axed. I featured in Fade Street last year, and the new series is now going to internet. Before that, I starred in Total Xposure, which lasted one season. Even The Restaurant, which had me as a contestant last April, has axed its Christmas five-star cook-off. So the message seems very clear. If you want to kill off a show, invite MOD on.

What's that I hear a clamour for me to appear on the next Late Late?