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kodaline bag Christina as neW No1 FAN

THEY are already superstars in Ireland, and now Kodaline are taking North America by storm.

The four Dublin musicians are currently in the US and have been mingling with the great and good of the industry while taking in a string of top festivals.

The chart-topping group spent the weekend in Canada and shared the stage at music extravaganza Osheaga in Montreal with established acts including Outkast and Jack White.

It came after last week's trip to Chicago, where they were part of the line-up alongside Eminem, Kings of Leon and DJ Calvin Harris at Lollapalooza.

And it seems they went down a treat - award-winning Jar of Hearts singer Christina Perri even declared herself a fan. She revealed to frontman Steve Garrigan and his bandmates Mark Prendergrast, Vinnie May and Jason Boland on Twitter that she has been playing their album non-stop, to which the lads responded that the artists should "hang" out together at some point.

"I listened to your album in full again today," she said.

"It's becoming an issue how much I like you guys."

However, the boys' arrival in the US was not without drama as not all of their bags were there.

"So we got to Chicago but all our bags didn't quiet make it! Argh!" said Jason Boland.