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King Ciaran feels uneasy on his throne

HE may be a big name in a global TV hit, but even Ciaran Hinds feels the uncertainty of acting.

The 61-year-old is among the star-studded line-up of HBO hit Game of Thrones, playing Mance Rayder, the King Beyond The Wall.

Even though he has worked with directors Steven Spielberg, Michael Mann, Joel Schumacher and Sam Mendes throughout his career, the Belfast native told the Herald that there is no knowing if he'll be asked back for next season.

Hinds recently completed filming the fifth instalment of the medieval drama, which is due to air next year.

But despite the show getting the green light for a sixth season, cast members have yet to find out if they'll be on set.

"That's just the way we live - after a job is over I bring out my sandwich board, 'actor for hire'," he said.

"We never really know if we're in or out, that's the way it is. I've shot scenes for series five and after that I don't know."

Hinds has just begun rehearsals for Mark O'Rowe's new play, Our Few and Evil Days. He will share the stage with Sinead Cusack, Tom Vaughan Lawlor and Charlie Murphy.

"We have no idea what we're doing yet, it's a very complex and layered piece. We're enjoying it, though," he said.


"Mark is an amazing writer, so I'm excited to see where we go with this."

Hinds' wife Helene Patarot and their daughter Aoife will travel to Dublin ahead of opening night.

The actor, a close friend of Liam Neeson, added: "It's great to be back - I was last back in June, but very briefly, and I haven't been to Dublin in a bit."