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Kelly didn't win The Voice but gets new TV show

SHE was the heart, soul and story that drove the last series of The Voice Of Ireland.

And while she may have missed out on the top prize, it looks like Kelly Mongan is still the winner.

A documentary following the mum (19) since leaving the series is currently being made.

"I have a TV crew following me around at the moment. Filming me – it's really nice," she told the Herald. "I think it's for RTE. It's just me and my family in it – it's fun, I like it."

The documentary is a spin-off from the hit talent show and will show the impact Kelly's new-found fame has had on her and her family.

None of the other Voice contestants have a documentary crew following them – proving Kelly was the real star of the show.


"No other contestant will be followed," a source close to production said.

"It has not been commissioned yet – but it's such a great story I'd be surprised if RTE turned it down.

"Kelly was definitely the talking point of the series and there is still a great interest in her. She really captured people's attention. Even if you didn't watch The Voice – you knew who she was."

Kelly gave birth to her son Bernie six days ago and the cameras have been on hand to capture some of the magic of becoming a new mum.

"Nothing is like having a baby," Kelly said. "When you get handed your baby – it's your baby, it's your world, it's your life, it's everything.

"There is nothing that can compare to it. There is no word or sentence big enough to describe how happy you feel when you have your child.

"The feeling is incredible – everything in the world disappears and all you can focus on is your baby."

The Cork Traveller says she is focusing on her child and family life at the moment. "The baby will always be first and then the singing career, thank God."

She was talking at the annual Traveller Pride Awards, where she won the award for her contribution to music.

"I cannot believe I got the award," she said. Music is my life and it means so much to me."

The awards ceremony was hosted by Anne Cassin. Norah Casey, Liam Heffernan, John Joe Nevin and Gerry Adams also attended.

Soccer player Savannah McCarthy (16) took home the Sports Prize and was delighted when Olympian Katie Taylor presented her with the award.