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Kathryn: My admirers are 85-year-old farmers with plenty of land

HER RTE colleagues Sharon Ni Bheolain and Miriam O'Callaghan have had to tackle sinister stalkers, 
but fanatics of Kathryn Thomas are just keen to 

Unlike her female peers at the national broadcaster, the only letters Carlow native Kathryn has received at the Donnybrook-based station are from elderly farmers looking to bag themselves a bride.

The Voice of Ireland host told the Herald that she was propositioned often when at the helm of Winning Streak.

"I got some interesting letters from elderly gentlemen asking for a wife, and I was told how much land they had and how big the cow shed was," she said.

Kathryn was speaking yesterday as she launched the Tesco Community Fund, which will see €1m donated annually to local good causes in 
the communities around each of its 146 stores in 

"The men were all about 85-years-old, so I haven't had any nasty experiences, thank God.

"I imagine it's scary and thankfully nothing like that has happened to me," she added.


Kathryn has just signed another two-year contract with RTE and said that she'd like to see a woman at the helm of The Late Late Show.

While a chat show is right up her street, she admitted she's not ready for a slot of that magnitude.

"I'd love a chat show, I think it is something I would be suited to, but I'd like to do a Kathryn Thomas chat show before I do The Late Late," she said.