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Kate Murray: 'I just wish my dad was able to see my new show'


Kat Murray

Kat Murray

Colm Murray

Colm Murray


Kat Murray

The daughter of late broadcaster Colm Murray believes her father would be happy she followed him into show business.

Kate Murray is currently starring in the Gaiety Theatre's production of Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman alongside comedian David McSavage.

"I think he (Colm Murray) would like it that I'm in this business," she told the RTE Guide.

"I wish he was able to come to shows and see some of the things. He used to bring me to theatre and stuff.

"I think that he would really get a kick out of it," she added.

Murray was one of RTE most loved broadcasters. He passed in 2013 after a brave three-year battle with Motor Neuron Disease.

Kate says both her parents have been supportive of her career, but she thinks her mother Anne would have preferred if she had chosen a job with a bit more security.


The actress studied theatre and performance in NUI Galway before going on to do a MA in drama and theatre studies.

"My dad actually went to university there and when we were younger he used to speak of it very fondly. I love the city, there's something about it."

Kate plays the role of Evil Mother in McDonagh's dark comedy. "The humour is very black," she said.

"When you read what the play is about you wonder: how can that be funny? But it's all the way Martin McDonagh writes it."

Produced by Decadent Theatre company, the show will run at the Gaiety from March 2 to 14.

The show has an impressive cast with Gary Lydon, Peter Campion and Rosa Mikela all appearing in the production.

Written in 2003, The Pillowman is a deeply moving piece of theatre and has resonated with audiences around the world. It has received two Tony Awards.