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Juice is nothing like Xpose - Katie

PRESENTER Katie Van Buren has insisted that RTE 2's new celebrity show Juice isn't a copycat of Xpose. The TV star has signed on for the new entertainment show, airing on RTE 2 at 5.30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Even though Katie and co-stars Sinead Kennedy and Stephen Byrne will come face to face with the TV3 Xpose team as they attend the same events to interview top celebrities, Katie says there is no competition between the two shows.

"It could be compared to Xpose but we don't want it to be. It really has it's own identity. We're not sure exactly what will be coming up in the next while but we will definitely be flying out for movie junkets.

"I got to meet Orlando Bloom last week for his new film Three Musketeers, which was amazing, and we have a few more things lined up. There will be a mixture of celebrity news, music and movies on the show," she said.

And Katie added that the new showbiz show will be nothing like last year's teenage focused show Rumour Room and is geared towards a more mature audience.

"It's nothing like the Rumour Room at all, it's much more grown up, it's definitely for an older audience," she said.

One feature of the new show that does stand out from the previous RTE 2 programme is the fact that Juice is live twice a week.

The three presenters will be put under pressure every Wednesday and Thursday as they film the show live, in order for the presenters to interact with the audience online.