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Jodie gushes over her 'little angel' Zeke


Jodi Albert and Kian Egan

Jodi Albert and Kian Egan

Jodi Albert and Kian Egan

Jodie and Kian Egan have been gushing about the new arrival to their family, baby boy Zeke.

Zeke isn't even a week old and the family have settled into domestic bliss with him and his big brother, three-year-old Koa.

Jodie took to Twitter to thank everyone for their well wishes.

"Thank you so much to everyone congratulating us on the arrival of our little angel baby Zeke," she wrote.

"He is such a blessing. We can't stop kissing him."

The celebrity couple have yet to release any pictures of the new addition to their family, but Kian (35) has shared some details of his unusual name.

"Meaning of the name Zeke is: God strengthens, or may God strengthen," he said.

Lots of celebs have been congratulating the pair over the past few days, including Kian's Voice of Ireland co-star Una Foden who recently welcomed a little boy, Tadhg.

Kian currently hosts a show on UK station Heat Radio every Saturday afternoon.