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Jetting around the world is a fairly easy job

I really enjoy working with RTE and I would like to do more with the broadcaster, but I'm not planning a permanent move back to Ireland.

At the moment I'm filming one of the documentaries for my Naked Truth series. It's a piece on creating the perfect Tinder profile and online dating.

I never did it myself, but I did have a period when I decided not to turn down any date offers.

There was one week where I went on eight dates - but very few of them I enjoyed. It's just a nice meal.

Shooting has been a fun process so far and it's a real insight hearing people's experiences.


It's quite personal as it's my voice driving it.

I sat down with Rosanna Davison(inset) for a chat too for another episode and I'm looking forward to viewers seeing her on screen.

Her piece is about nudity or exposure, due to Playboy, and she was brilliant, because people have a perception of her as a very polished, almost prim.

But she's great craic, with a great sense of humour.

Obviously Playboy is a massive publication, so it was wonderful to talk to her.

I'm also still doing Getaways, the travel series for RTE and we've two programmes to go.

I have to say, to be able to jet off around the world is a fairly easy job.

It's intense but I'm in the rhythm of it now.

When I go on holidays usually I can be lazy, just read, sleep and eat.

Now I'm seeing so much in such a short space if time - seeing completely different versions of places I'd been before, like San Francisco.

You kind of tick things off the bucket list too; I went zip-lining and went rally driving. Mad stuff.