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Jessie gives Will.i.am dressing down on The Voice

JESSIE J had some harsh words for fellow coaches and contestants alike in last night's The Voice, as she blasted one of Will.i.am's song choices as "horrific".

Outspoken Jessie took Will to task for making his acts, Leanne Jarvis and duo Carla and Barbara, perform Mariah Carey's ballad Hero in the battle round.

Jessie said: "I think you're both incredibly talented, that's not changed at all, I just thought the song choice was horrific."

And when Jarvis won, she said: "Leanne's great – just give her a great song next time, Will."

She also had strong opinions about her own acts, Nate James and Lovelle Hill, who sang No Air, saying: "I'm not here to be anything other than honest, I don't think that was the best performance I've seen you guys do of that song."

She went on to take Hill through.

Jessie also gave one of her acts a dressing down in rehearsals. Rap duo De'Vide angered their coach by turning up unprepared at a run-through.