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Jen's shock at model agency web mix-up

RTE star Jennifer Maguire has insisted she will not be available for work through model agency Assets.

The Republic Of Telly star told the Herald she was shocked when her pictures appeared on the agency's website.

Earlier this week, Assets posted Jennifer's picture on to their website and wrote: "Assets are excited to announce that we now represent Jennifer Maguire for bookings."

Jennifer told the Herald that Assets were not representing her in any form and put it down to a misunderstanding.

"It was so worrying when that status went up, it was quite scary. I did meet up with Derek Daniels of Assets (above) when I was judging Best Dressed Lady at Leopardstown and we both got on really well.

"He said he had a MCing fashion gig in mind for me. So he asked me for my head shots and sizes so I gave them to him.

"I told him to absolutely not put me up on the website as a model. All I could model is socks or gloves. I am 31 years old -- come on.

"But Derek is a really charming nice guy, I would like to work with him in the future but nothing to do with modelling," she added.

Doing press calls alongside top models such as Georgia Salpa and Nadia Forde is not an avenue she is interested in pursuing, she added.

Assets boss Derek told the Herald that the entire situation was a big mix up.

"There seems to have been a bit of a misunderstanding. Jennifer is just with us for MCing, she was never there for modelling.

"She is a very attractive girl and if she was interested in modelling then great, but that's not her thing. She will be booked for special appearances alright."