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Jenny parties with stars before school

Dublin biology teacher Jenny Dixon is heading back to the classroom after spending a party-filled summer at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion.

Speaking to the Diary, Jenny says she is glad to be back. “I’m really jet-lagged still, I just got back last weekend but I was catching up with friends Saturday and Sunday.”

Despite having to jet back home to fulfill her teaching duties, the aspiring actress managed to fit in the biggest Playboy party of the year, the Mid-Summer Night’s Dream bash.

“It was definitely one of the best so far. People had thought they would scale back this year but it was actually really extravagant with fewer people at it,” she revealed.

“It was Bollywood themed so there were camels and professional dancers and jewels everywhere. And the band LMFAO played at it plus the cast of True Blood were there, will.i.am was there and some of the cast of Glee and Pirates Of The Caribbean were there too. It was just crazy,” she explained.