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Jenny and Ray call it a day on radio


Ray Darcy and Jenny Kelly. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Ray Darcy and Jenny Kelly. Photo: Steve Humphreys

Ray Darcy and Jenny Kelly. Photo: Steve Humphreys

BROADCASTER Ray D’Arcy and his wife Jenny Kelly have decided to call it quits - as radio colleagues.

The Today FM couple are happily married and have two children together, but are now looking to change things up work wise.

Jenny (42), who first met Ray in 2000 when she joined his radio show, has been acting as her hubby’s on-air producer in recent years and revealed that she is now planning to focus full-time on their family.

“I decided I was going to hang up my mic for a while,” the mother-of-two revealed as she announced the news on The Ray D’Arcy Show on Today FM.

“I was thinking long and hard about it. I came back to work in January and I decided after 14 years working on the show, give or take a baby or two, that I wanted to spend a bit more time with the kids.

“It was all getting a bit hectic. You and I worked the same hours and we’re running out the door in the morning.

“I love my job ... but sometimes you have to make these decisions.”


Jenny continued: “I decided it was now or never. Over the years I have met every type of person in every situation and I have got pretty much the same advice from everybody about kids. They have all said the same thing - it flies by’,” she said.

Veteran presenter Ray (49) admitted to tearing up as he read out messages from well wishers, who texted in their droves to voice their support.