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Jennifer's grown-up new look is textbook behaviour with new man on her arm

It's a textbook thing really. Boy meets girl, girl gets a new look. I'm sure we've all done it, and now, with Chris Martin as her significant other, Jennifer Lawrence is following suit.

She appeared at ELLE's 21st Annual Women in Hollywood Celebration recently with great new hair. What was an elphin crop had grown out and what she's sporting now is longer, blonder, tucked behind one ear while the other side fell with a sophisticated wave.

Her make-up too has changed. She's no longer a young tween, playing at being Hollywood royalty; she now seems to have a more refined elegance, with brown, gently smoking eyes.


Gone seems to be the tripping over skirts, the goofy facial expressions and the sort of endearing behaviour that leads us to think she doesn't believe she should be in the company she's with. Suddenly she's a rock chick who is owning it, whatever "it" may be.

And yes, I do believe that her new beau has a lot to do with it.

In consciously coupling with Chris Martin, she's raised her personal style bar to a look that seems the sort of thing we're used to seeing the Coldplay front man hitch his wagon to.

To be fair, it's not like she's undergone anything hideous... all these changes are for the best, and Ms Lawrence is growing up into becoming quite the beautiful starlet, and I trust she's happy with the transformation. It possibly helps that she's got the world's best stylists and professionals at her beck and call.

Jennifer Lawrence isn't the first woman to undergo a transformation to suit her life stage and her new relationship.

Because, while most of us emancipated women would like to pride ourselves in our independence, and how we will only dress for ourselves and in the way we want, I don't know any women - myself included - who will wear something, or style our hair or make-up in a way we know our men folk don't like.

I don't know how many outfits I've cast aside just from a look that my husband Trevor might shoot, let alone the pieces that never made it on to my back due to "sack the stylist" comments from himself.

There's an Issay Miyake dress I wore to meet The Queen when she was over in 2011 that has never had another outing, and a silver dress that drew all sorts of the wrong gasps.

I like to look good in his eyes, even if it does mean saving more of my edgy pieces for nights out with the girls, which demand a different sort of dress code completely - here you can totally go to town.

However, and for the past couple of summers, I've bravely continued to wear the Miu Miu sunglasses that he declared to be "very Dame Edna".

I've tried to pretend I don't care, and if these were good enough for Madonna, I'm certainly okay in them, but somehow I don't really believe myself.


I can see Jennifer suffer from the same affliction. The bright, gorgeous, huge showstopper couture gowns just aren't Chris' speed.

We know he prefers his blondes icy, pared back and usually in black with a deeply plunging neckline (or so Gwynnie would have us believe).

What gets me is that he still wears the same t-shirts and jeans. His women are lucky if he factors a haircut into his general grooming, and they're supposed to be happy with that.

You won't see Chris change what he wears, and he certainly looks dressed down beside his women in their designer goddessness - that's possibly why you never see them pictured together.

All I can say to Jennifer is go with it as much as you like. Enjoy the pampering, the new look, and the admiration - from man, media and fans - that go with it. But remember we loved the old you too.