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Jedward devastated by death of beloved grandfather

DEVASTATED pop duo Jedward were consoled by their family and friends as they said goodbye to their beloved grandad.

Taking a break from their hectic schedules as they prepare for Eurovision 2012, the singing sensations said goodbye to James Grimes (88), who passed away in a nursing home earlier this week.

A funeral Mass for the Lucan boys' grandfather took place this morning at St Munchin's Church in Limerick, where a large crowd turned out to pay their respects.

Mr Grimes was then buried in Mount St Lawrence cemetery.

The 20-year-old twins were said to be very close to their grandfather and visited him regularly.

Speaking recently, Edward said: "We love coming to Limerick, our dad's from Limerick, so that is really cool. We usually get to meet up with our family and say hi.

"The last time we were there, we were just normal guys -- now we are John and Edward, and we can't walk down the street without people recognising us but before this no one would have known us."

The hair-raising twins sported a more demure look than their usual flashy ensembles -- opting for black two-piece suits, with white shirts and black ties. They wore their hair brushed down as they greeted a steady stream of sympathisers along with their father, John, and other relations. They were flanked by their loved ones as they helped to carry Mr Grimes's coffin.