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J-Lo spares just seven seconds for Irish fans

ONCE more, this time with feeling...

Fans of Jenny from the Block will be hoping that she puts a bit more effort into her upcoming Dublin show than a video she's made to promote it.

Sassy Latino songstress J-Lo will be gracing Irish shores as she performs at the O2 on October 19.

And in anticipation of the concert, the 43-year-old mum-of-two has recorded a video message for all her Irish fans.

The clip -- which lasts all of seven seconds -- shows the star telling fans that she just cannot wait to see them at the O2 arena next Friday.

And while Lopez may have made some good music videos, this one falls short when it comes to igniting our enthusiasm for her imminent arrival.

The star races through a brief greeting -- before assuring us that she's "looking forward to seeing us all there".

In fact, the video, which was posted over a month ago, has received less than 200 YouTube hits.

Not exactly impressive, especially considering she's a global superstar.

Despite the lacklustre promo, J-Lo's global Dance Again Tour is wowing audiences around the world. Lopez performed in front of 50,000 fans in Baku in Azerbaijan.

Her management company have not-so-modestly stated that it was a concert that "brought an audience to their feet and changed a country forever."

Perhaps the voice behind classic hits Waiting for Tonight and On The Floor can get our own economy back on track while she's here.

This will be J-Lo's first time in Ireland and she is excited to be in town.

"This is my first time I'm going to Ireland, but you know I grew up with lots of Irish Americans in New York and I have to tell you I'm excited to go there."