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I've resorted to disguises, says Voice judge Danny

DANNY O'Donoghue has resorted to disguising himself in public to avoid crazed fans.

The Script frontman will return as a judge to The Voice UK alongside Will.i.am, Jessie J and Tom Jones -- a role that has seen his profile rocket across the UK.

Since then, the Dubliner has received hundreds of marriage proposals on Twitter and is even cyber-stalked by one obsessed female follower.

"There's one who direct messages us every three hours," he said. "Day and night. She is talking to us like she is a best friend -- 'I miss you' and so on."

O'Donoghue (32) also revealed how another fan managed to get through security as far as the band's dressing room by forging press accreditation documents.

Since becoming a judge on The Voice, he has become more recognisable and has said he wears disguises.

"I wear an Aztec hat with dog ears, and sometimes sunglasses and a big puffy jacket. In the street it buys you that extra two seconds before they go 'Is that ... ?' and then you are past."

Even Halloween costumes are no protection for the singer.

"I went to a party as Edward Scissorhands. Black make-up. Hair all over the place. I still had two girls chasing me down the road screaming, 'I'd know that walk anywhere'."

The Script drummer Glen Power said Danny's signature walk is a dead give-away. "His best disguise is if he stands still," he joked.