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I've no time for cookery shows, admits Masterchef's Dylan

MASTERCHEF host Dylan McGrath may love judging TV cookery shows, but he isn't too keen on watching them.

"I don't really watch cookery shows. I probably should, but I don't. I'm too busy. I'm always in the restaurants," he says.

It's certainly been an eventful few days for the Michelin-starred chef.

His critically acclaimed restaurant Rustic Stone was robbed last week at gunpoint, the new series of Masterchef Ireland started last night, and he's getting ready for the opening of his latest business venture, Fade Street Social. The restaurant is a stone's throw from Rustic Stone but Dylan (35) says it will have a different look and feel.

"I had to make sure I was doing something unique -- having two restaurants so close together can be dangerous. I don't want them competing, so it was a huge challenge," he told the Herald.


Dylan and Masterchef co-host Nick Munier returned to our screens last night for the second series of Masterchef and Dylan says this year things were a lot hotter in the kitchen.

"Things were definitely a lot tougher this year. I think that the contestants in the first year had it a bit easy. This year things were a lot, lot harder."

He added that practising "tough love" had paid off. "There was a higher standard of cooking this year."

And he says he felt under no pressure to sugar-coat his criticism of the contestant dishes.

"You've got to tell the truth and sometimes that is harsh."

But Dylan, who grew up on Belfast's Falls Road, says he found the eliminations difficult.

"The eliminations are really hard. It's difficult because the contestants are so devastated. They've put everything into this."

Dylan may be known for his critically acclaimed gastronomic dishes but when it comes to his favourite meals, his tastes are simple.

"My last meal on earth would be my mum's Christmas dinner or a roast chicken, you can't go wrong with either of those," he said.