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I've never watched World Cup win, says icon Pienaar

HE may have skippered the South African team to World Cup victory but Francois Pienaar has never watched the landmark game.

The former rugby captain has lined out for the One Young World summit in Dublin which he says will catapult future entrepreneurs into the world.

Pienaar attended last year's summit in Johannesburg and was blown away by the exuberance of the crowd.

He said that the event is comparable to an archer's bow launching future entrepreneurs into the world.

"One Young World is the bow and those young people, those living arrows will lead us tomorrow," he said.

"The crowd had this complete willingness to learn. I found their quest and hunger for knowledge was overwhelming, I became very emotional.

"It's really humbling to see what people do to make the world a better place."

The conference will have 1,200 young leaders converging on the city between October 15 and 19. Representatives from 190 countries are expected to descend on the capital.


Now in its fifth year, the One Young World summits have previously attracted such names as Richard Branson, Kofi Annan and Arianna Huffington as counsellors.

To commemorate the launch, a 42-foot mural by Irish artist Joe Caslin was unveiled above Trinity College Dublin's Nassau Street entrance yesterday.

It depicts a young man called Miguel looking toward Stephen's Green.

It is part of Caslin's 'Our Nation's Sons' project and is meant as a beacon, encouraging young leaders to come forth and build a brighter future.

Pienaar, who is best known for captaining the first South Africa team to win the World Cup, and was immortalised by Matt Damon in Invictus, admits that he has never watched the final.

"One day I might watch it, stock up on beers. I can still remember exactly what happened," he said.

Bob Coggins of the Dublin bid committee said: "This will be great for Dublin and great for Ireland but it's up to us to showcase the country and open our arms to the brightest and most forward-thinking young delegates."

The summit will take place in a range of venues across Dublin including the Convention Centre and Croke Park.