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It's been a whirlwind week and I can't wait to get in front of the camera

IT'S been a while since I've been on 
television but this week showed me that I'm going to love it as much as ever.

I was told I'd got the UTV Ireland job over the summer and obviously I was over the moon.

It had been a couple of months in the offing from my initial contact to where we actually started meeting and talking seriously about it, so when I got the call I was thrilled.

There was a lot of cloak and dagger after that, though, because I was in a job and as I handed in my four-week notice - I couldn't even tell my bosses.

It was hard and it's a difficult position to be in with people you've worked with for a decade, as well as my family and friends who I couldn't tell.

Some of them were almost worried for me, wondering what I was up to, but a few of them kind of guessed something was brewing, or had an inclination of what it was.

I celebrated getting the position with my husband Malachy, my father and my brothers - and we actually toasted it with champagne indoors, just in case. I'm very grateful to them for not saying anything.

I decided to wait to tell the kids, and let them know when we went on a two-week holiday abroad.

It resulted in the usual questions - my daughter wanted to know if I could get Niall Horan's (inset, left) autograph and my son asked could I get him season tickets to the Leinster rugby games.

The reaction from everybody else has been amazing.

I'm not naive in this business, there's always a silver lining but there can be a dark cloud behind it. I'm prepared for that and I've been there before.

There's responsibility with this post - it's up to me to come across well on screen.


With social media nowadays too, what people used to say in the comfort of their sitting room can now be broadcast online for all to see.

You cannot be swayed by that, though, and I'm not going to start looking at any bad publicity when we kick off.

I'm going to give it my all in UTV Ireland.

Yes, juggling family life with work is now something I really have to think about.

There's no question, life will be difficult at the start, but I'm very focused and my family is behind me.