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'It's been a great year, but I'd love to see an Irish girl win Miss Universe title'


Fitness queen Adrienne Murphy

Fitness queen Adrienne Murphy

Fitness queen Adrienne Murphy

SHE has a body most of us would kill for, but Miss Universe Ireland, Adrienne Murphy, is hoping her other half can whip her into even better shape.

Her boyfriend of six years, Luke Henry, has just finished his personal training exams, and Clondalkin native Adrienne says he'll have her lunging and squatting in no time.

Luke used to be in the Army and, after years of drill training, Adrienne says he's a bit of a slave driver when it comes to bench-pressing.

"Luke has just finished his contract in the Army and he's gone into personal training now," she told The Diary. "I'm delighted for him. He'll be great at it, and being in the Army will definitely stand him in good stead.

"He can get me into shape," she laughed. "Give me all the tips and tricks to tone up. He'll definitely be giving me advice – he better!"

The 23-year-old model is currently living at home with her parents and, while she's smitten with Luke, says she has no plans to leave home soon.

"I'm only young – I'm a baby really. It's so cushy living at home, with all the home cooking and comforts.

"But I'm well aware it will get to that stage where I'll want my independence. My parents were on holiday the other week, and it was so nice having the place to myself. So I know I'll want to find my own place eventually – maybe next year I'll move out.

"I hear that, once you've tried living on your own, you can never go back to living with your parents, so I'm a little hesitant to make the jump right now."

And Adrienne says she plans on shacking up with Luke. "I mean it makes sense – we've been together for so long. He's my best friend and we see each other every day anyway.

"He was with me before I started modelling and has been nothing but supportive so, yeah, that's probably what would happen."

It's been a whirlwind year for Adrienne – since being crowned Miss Universe Ireland she has been modelling around the clock and finishing her studies.



"Modelling has been so busy," she said. "It's been nonstop since March really. And I graduated from my marketing and advertising degree, so it's all been go."

It won't be long now till Adrienne will have to hand over her coveted tiara and shiny satin sash, and allow another model to take the title of Miss Universe Ireland.

But the bubbly brunette says she won't miss the role. "It's been a great year and I've really made the most of it but, when the time comes to hand over the title, it'll be nice to see another girl get it."