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It was great to see old pals Aoife and Amy on a working trip back home

I may live and breathe fashion, but there's no way I'd contemplate becoming a designer.

I see friends who've been in the industry since teenagers and it's one of the toughest businesses in the world.

I think I know it too well that I'd never approach it naively; I respect that design process and the people I've looked up to for years to know that's it's too difficult.

It would feel wrong for me in all honesty.

But otherwise, I adore fashion and all that comes with it.

Yesterday was my first-ever Ladies Day at the Dublin Horse Show and it was fantastic.

I was looking for someone who has an imagination and not necessarily in costume. I wanted to find someone who has inherent style and is committed to the cause.

I'm not into 'matchy matchy', separates are my thing and I was on the hunt for a real Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City vibe.


I was pleased with the result.

Obviously this week was a working week, launching the Dublin Fashion Festival on Wednesday and judging the Best Dressed competition yesterday, but I did get to enjoy some down time too.

I left my base in London and got back to Dublin on Tuesday to head out for a dinner date at The Exchequer in Ranelagh with my girlfriends Aoife Cogan and Amy Huberman (inset).

We always try to meet up every once in a while and it was lovely to see them because I hadn't seen them in donkeys' years.

After that it was mostly all business.


I was thrilled to come on board for the Dublin Fashion Festival because I'm all for anything that puts the spotlight on Irish fashion and promotes us.

Everyone always ask me whether or not I consider Irish women fashionable and I honestly really do.

I think we're much better these days.

When you think of the most stylish cities in the world you might say New York, Paris and maybe even Berlin, and I think that's just because they have a strong identity.

We Irish didn't have that for a long time, but now we're more for combining high street - which we pimped out on for a long time - with vintage or investment pieces.

We're a bit more sensible but still able to have fun.

My own style has not really changed over the years, but there was a pair of jeans that I did not take off for a year when I was a teenager and I do tend to dress up a little more these days.