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Is it time for celebs to step away from the Twitter feed?

OOPS, she's done it again. Although this time she hasn't. Miriam O'Callaghan has found herself in the spotlight since her Twitter account was hacked into on Friday night.

While Miriam was celebrating her mum's birthday some randommer logged in to her hugely popular Twitter profile, and retweeted a derogatory comment about the Late Late Show.

Fortunately, Miriam was alerted, and could let her Twitter followers know, but by then it was too late. The multiplier effect had taken hold and the hijacked message had gone out to followers, followers of followers, and so on. Cue a media frenzy all weekend.

Because tweeting, or retweeting, is like having a chat with a friend in a public lavatory when both of you are in separate cubicles. You can both natter away freely, but you never know who else might be within earshot.

It's not the first time the prolific RTE presenter has been in the Twitter soup -- remember the Gerry Ryan debacle?

To make it more embarrassing is the fact that Miriam's husband Steve Carson is RTE's director of programmes, and responsible for the Late Late Show. Mortifying.

So, has the time come for those with weighty public profiles to back away from this all-too-easy-to-access medium? Ryan Tubridy thinks so, and I respect his recent decision to go offline.

While celebs may say their 'opinions are their own', surely employers must get hacked off when they have to do a clean up after a wayward tweet?

It pays to be paranoid Tweeps. Be safe out there.