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Irish cartoon kings' new show scores massive US hit

OSCAR-nominated Brown Bag Films' new cartoon Doc McStuffins has smashed ratings records in the US.

The new show made by the Dublin company is the number one weekday series debut ever for children younger than five.

Only the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse drew more viewers for the Disney Junior channel.

The series follows six-year-old Dottie 'Doc' McStuffins, who can bring her toys to life and tend to them when they are broken or sick in her backyard clinic. Brown Bag Films hired an additional 14 staff to make Doc McStuffins, bringing its team to 64 for the production.

The director behind Rugrats, Norton Virgien, told the Herald that they were thrilled with the result.

"Any director is thrilled to have this happen. It is once in your career that a show takes off," he said. "Rugrats didn't reach this kind of ratings success for many years. It only became successful when it started to catch adults' attention."

The launch episode on US screens also became the number one watched pre-school series in cable TV history between adults aged 18-49, with 800,000 adults tuning in.

Mr Virgien said that it was mainly due to the appeal of the main character and the style of the series which was written and created by Emmy Award-winner Chris Nee.

The 52-part animated series is expected to air in Ireland late this summer.