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I'm trying to be Bridechilla – not Bridezilla – ahead of big day in Italy next week

THIS was my last week at work before the wedding and it's been mad.

I have wedding brain and can't stop thinking about heading over to Italy next week.

Obviously I can't wait – being in Italy in the sun sounds like heaven.

To be honest, I'm almost as excited about the holiday as the wedding.

John (McGuire) proposed in Italy, so it is a really special place for us and it's also a beautiful country.

The hotel we're holding the reception in is nestled in the hills and overlooks Mount Etna, so it's extremely picturesque.

But the volcano has been bubbling away for the past few months; hopefully there will be no ash clouds or lava explosions on the day.

We headed over six weeks ago to check it out for the first time. We had seen pictures online but being there made it very real and got us really excited.

At this stage, I'm trying to relax and hand over complete responsibility to the wedding planner. But that's easier said than done.

I think if I had been organising this wedding on my own, I would have had a complete meltdown by now. But I'm trying to be a Bridechilla rather than a Bridezilla.

None of the Xpose girls is coming over for the wedding: it's a pretty intimate ceremony.

That's the thing with small weddings: you've got to be brutal when it comes to the guest list. Both John and I decided to invite nobody from work.

Instead, we kept it to immediate family and friends.

I am on my best behaviour at the moment and am hitting the gym whenever I can and trying not to go out too often.



I'm only eating chicken and vegetables to make sure I fit in the dress.

But when I get to Italy it will be a bit of a carb attack. I think I'll be eating a pizza a day! And of course there is such delicious pasta.

The thought of all that amazing Italian food is getting me through the work-out sessions.

I go to the gym in Killiney Castle; it's where I used to go when I was younger and I started going back there again recently. I just started Spinning classes this week and they nearly killed me.