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I'm so busy shooting with our top models... but all I can think of is buying a new house

TODAY could be one of the biggest days of my life. I've put in an offer on my dream house so I'm waiting by the phone.

It's a gorgeous big house in Portobello but there is some stiff competition at the moment.

Five other people have been bidding against me so I'm really hoping I get it. It's funny, you think with the current state of the economy that it would be easy to buy a house but good houses in good areas are still hard to come by.

Myself and my boyfriend of five years Lau Zamparelli plan to move in to the new place together so we both really want it.


He works in the industry too, he's an actor. Currently he is away filming a new ITV series in the west of Ireland.

I've been so busy filming the new series of Republic Of Telly, flying to red carpet events to film with top celebrities, but now it's all about the house.

I just got back from London on Monday, where I was filming for the Republic Of Telly. I was on the red carpet for the TV Choice Awards which was so much fun. I also did a few scenes around London for the new series.

Most of the week has been spent back in the RTE studios but all the cast and crew did take a jaunt to the Ploughing Championships.

It's always a great thing that we go to every year. The poor make-up artists are knee deep in mud when we get there but it's such a laugh.

Aside from those commitments I do have some very exciting projects coming up over the next few months. This always happens when the show starts airing again.

The details are under wraps at the minute but we will be filming up until Christmas. Myself and Lau will both have a break around that time and hopefully we can relax in our new home over the holidays.

He's got so much work since moving over from the UK which is great. He trained in one of the top acting schools in London and he is half Italian so he has great appeal.

Coming up this week I have a shoot for Closet Confidential for VIP magazine. They will be taking pictures of my wardrobe. I'm slightly nervous, not everyone has a wardrobe like Lorraine Keane.

It's pretty much a mess at the moment because I have been filming non-stop.

But I do think I have a good mix of fashion in my wardrobe. I have a good mix of high street to second hand and then of course some designer pieces, so I'm looking forward to the shoot.


All week I have been filming with basically Ireland's hottest models. We had Georgia Salpa in the studio this week. She did the Real Republic last year so we invited her back again.

New to the series, we have filmed episodes with Emma Waldron and Roz Purcell. They have all been brilliant and they look amazing on camera.

It's really fun when they are filming with us because they play a fun side of themselves, celebs don't take themselves too seriously when they are on the show.

After being on the series for four seasons already, I really feel like this is the best one yet. A lot of people have seen the success of the show this year and it's great to get the support from Irish viewers.

I am a bit wrecked at the moment though. I've had one day off this week and my sister is over from New York so I'm trying to juggle everything.

Arthur's Day was brilliant. I had to entertain my sister while she is over so we went for a pint of Guinness and then just went out for dinner. Even though I was tempted to head out for the night I was working this morning with another top model so I didn't want to look like I was dragged through a bush.


I love keeping busy so I'm happy doing a bit of everything here and away. It is great to see how well Republic Of Telly is doing right now. I remember running around Grafton Street in the first series with my little microphone and now we are on red carpets.

So much talent has come from the show already, this year we are hoping to find the next Rubberbandits or Ivor and Damo.

Next week will be really busy again as we continue to film the new series.

The people in RTE must think we are mad because we are filming some scenes in the RTE offices and, trust me, we are making a lot of noise.

Republic Of Telly returns to RTE2 on October 17