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I'm pitching TV shows and then I'm off to Vegas

I'VE been fortunate that I've been able to get involved in a range of different projects in recent years work-wise.

This week I've had several meetings with TV production companies, some of whom I've never met before, and that's exciting.

I've done a few pilots for Channel 4, but this business is slow-moving so we'll see what happens.

I'm currently talking to an independent company about a dance series as well - it's all go.

I've a mixed bag, when it comes to my show reel, I can slot into anything because I've done a quiz show, a dating show and then the shiny floor programmes like The Voice of Ireland, but I really enjoy the Channel 4 or ITV2 stuff that I get to do. With many of my work commitments in the UK, I'm commuting a lot at the moment.

I am back and forth quite a bit and I have to admit that my tolerance for people going slowly through airport security has definitely dwindled to nothing.

The team in RTE are fun and I'm enjoying sinking my teeth into more hours on 2FM, so all of the travelling is worth it.

adventure Next week I'm coming back to Dublin to relax with my folks before heading off to Las Vegas.

I've never been there and I'm expecting great craic to be had by all. I cannot do hangovers anymore.

I'm not like I was when I was young and carefree at 23, so I'll try to be relatively sensible if I can.

I don't plan on spending a huge amount of money either, as I'm not a gambler and never have been, but I'm excited to see the spectacle of Sin City. I may even go to check out Britney Spears' live stage show. I'm older and wiser these days - it's caught up with me finally.