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I'm Married, but my name won't change

Yes I'm married and it's two months after my big day, but I've no plans to change my name to Mrs Horgan.

It sounds like I'm being kind of old lady-ish, but I don't want to.

I'm one of four girls and there are no brothers to carry on the name.

In my head, this is my ode to my dad.

If we have children though, there will absolutely not be a double-barrel situation.

Life doesn't feel any different now after the wedding, except when you fight there's nowhere to hide.

For our honeymoon Roy and I (inset) went to Marrakech, Morocco.

We stayed at the Hotel Riad el Fenn, which we found out is owned by Richard Branson's sister Vanessa.

We only got away for a week, which wasn't really enough but it was gorgeous and we'd love to go back.

I'm so glad we did go because we were contemplating putting it off for a while.

Both Roy and I are staying in Ireland this weekend and we're actually back on the wedding buzz, as a friend of ours is getting hitched in Kerry tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to it.