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I'm in no rush to walk down the aisle like pals - Aisling

HER Xpose co-hosts may be married or planning a wedding, but presenter Aisling O'Loughlin has no intention to follow suit anytime soon.

The mother-of-two told the Herald that she and partner Nick McInnes are not thinking about walking up the aisle - and that Aisling does not think it's even important for their relationship.

"If you're going to do a wedding there is a level of pressure to get everything perfect and I'm just not at that point in my head even," she said.

"Maybe one day when the kids are a bit older, if we finally manage to save some money to have something somewhat nice, but the pressure of marriage does put me off it.

"It's not important to me and it hasn't been.


"Everyone is an individual and we all have our own filter and experiences," she said.

Clare native Aisling and Nick, who is recovering from cancer surgery, have two sons together, two-year-old Patrick Nicholas and five-month-old Louis Alexander.

Last night the Xpose team unveiled their newly revamped studio and broadcast live for a full hour as part of their changed format.

From now on the entertainment show will air from 6pm to 7pm and will include roving reports, panel-based features, Xtreme Beauty, Model Files, Star Beauty Buys and more giveaways.