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I'm having a ball taking 
a cut off Rory McIlroy, but 
Marty is my favourite


Oliver Callan as Rachel Allen. RTE

Oliver Callan as Rachel Allen. RTE

Oliver Callan as Rachel Allen. RTE

WE'Ve been filming all week and for the first time, viewers are going to see me impersonate golfer Rory McIlroy.

My RTE television series in on air until August and so far it's been a ratings hit, which is amazing.

We spend three days a week shooting before we go to broadcast to make sure we get the topical material in and new British Open champion Rory was the first we picked on for tonight's episode.

There were probably a million things going on in his head when he was walking to hand in his scorecard after his victory, and I understand rules are rules, but his incident with the fan who wanted an autograph but was pulled away by bouncers makes him harder to like in my view.

Golf by nature is a selfish sport and it proved he still has an immaturity about him - so I'll be going to town on acting out the incident with the poor young teenager who was brushed off.

I'm also diving in to Clare Daly and Mick Wallace's airport arrest, as well as the crisis in Russia; but best of all is the return of Marty Morrissey, in a swimming pool with three good looking girls.

My independent production company makes the programme for RTE, so fortunately I don't go in and out of the station the entire time. I can avoid eye contact with the GAA commentator if needs be.

He's a character that people really love and one of my favourites to play, even though he always takes longer in the make-up chair to transform into than anyone else I take off.

Obviously today being July 25, 80,000 fans would've been storming Croke Park for the first of the Garth Brooks gigs.

Of course I couldn't let that slide without paying tribute to the country singer and the thousands of disappointed ticket holders.

So in his honour, I've created a song and invented a new character for this one: he's called Dessy Dallas and model Holly Carpenter plays his wife.

I often imitate our President Michael D Higgins, and so far there's been no sign of him in this series. But rest assured, he'll be making his comeback next week.

I'm really happy with the programme and I don't want to tempt fate, but I'd be confident that we may be back in some shape or form again after this run.

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