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I'm going back on the road...and I'm taking baby Violet with me - Imelda

FROM rocking and rolling to rocking a new baby to sleep: singer Imelda May plans to take her little girl on the road with her when she resumes touring this summer.

The 38-year-old, who has been a full-time mum for the past eight months, believes baby Violet would be a welcome addition to her touring band.

"She's small enough and she's a real social baby, which is great. She's used to meeting the band and all that," Imelda May told Irish Tatler.

Off the road since the birth last August, the Liberties-born singer said she had no regrets about taking the time off to be a full-time mum.



"You want to take the time with your baby because you can never get that back again. You just want to stay at home and gaze into your baby's eyes. So that's all I did.

"But now I'm dying to get back gigging, because I love it. It's been amazing and it's funny, I can't imagine life without her, and she's only been here eight months."

Up all night giving feeds, she also found time to pen a new record.

"I didn't write at all while I was pregnant. It was like my body was busy enough, and I was fine with that. So I wasn't sure what I'd be writing once I'd had the baby, but I was awake anyway, sitting up awake all night.

"So I've been writing away and I'm really happy with how that's gone," she added.

The new material has been lapped up by her band, which she has been rehearsing ahead of their biggest date on the tour, headlining the Westport festival on Sunday June 30.

She said: "Everyone's really excited about the songs on the album."

And motherhood won't dampen her famous rockabilly quiff or unique Fifties look.

"It's good to get up in the morning and put my quiff in and put my lipstick on.



"I'm sure any woman who's had babies will know... you do feel really rough, so anything to make you feel better.

"And people are coming to see you with cameras and you're, 'Oh no, hang on a second, where's me handbag, quick'," she said.