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I'm bricking it over new show airing

MY new show will go out tonight at 11.10pm and I'll be watching it on my own – bricking it.

I think it'll be a really nerve- wracking experience because it's going out to such a big audience.

It always feels a bit weird seeing yourself on telly.

I haven't seen Trojan Donkey yet so I don't know what's going to happen – they might have edited me out of it completely and made Jim Jim the star. Can you imagine? Maybe I won't watch it at all. Perhaps I'd be better off watching a horror film and avoiding the internet and wait for the dust to settle.

We filmed a bit in Dublin and Liverpool but mainly in Glasgow. I think the Glaswegians are tougher than Dubliners. I didn't have many bad experiences but Jim Jim was chased down the street by a butcher with a knife!

The Scottish crowd lose their temper pretty quickly but the worse people react, the more likely they are to laugh about it afterwards.