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I'm behind enemy lines tonight -- Rosie

PLAYBOY covergirl Rosanna Davison will be enjoying all the excitement of this evening's World Cup qualifier from 'enemy territory'.

The keen soccer fan, who graced the cover of German Playboy last month, will jet over to Stuttgart after being invited to attend a photo exhibition.

"It would have been lovely to be in Dublin for the game but I'm afraid I'm going to be working for the match so I'm not sure if I'll even be able to see it properly. I'll just have to rely on everyone else for all the updates," the 28-year-old said.

"Obviously I'm hoping that the guys all do well so I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for them."

Rosanna has strong links with the country, given that she was signed up by an agency over there after winning the Miss World title when she was 19.


And she was also the first-ever Irish model to feature on the cover of Playboy Germany.

She has been back several times since the shoot and she always gets a positive reaction.

"There's a good market over there for me, workwise, so I would go over there a lot for various bits and pieces. It probably helps that my dad is also really popular over there so I've been going back and forth now for nearly 10 years."

The daughter of Chris de Burgh hit the headlines globally last month thanks to her topless pics with the German edition of Hugh Heffner's publication.

She was given total control over the style of the Mauritius shoot and over which pictures were published.

The committed vegan and pilates fan also said that stripping off helped her get over any insecurities she had about her body.

Some 4,000 German fans are expected to be at the Aviva Stadium for the crunch match against the Republic of Ireland tonight.

Irish and German fans are expected to consume 12,000 pints of beer at the stadium.