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'I'm a smoking, swearing Mother Teresa' - O'Kne

COMEDIAN Deirdre O'Kane moved her husband and two young kids to Vietnam to work on her new movie.

The 45-year-old will be seen on our screens depicting charity campaigner Christina Noble in the coming months.

And to get ready for the role, which she describes as Ireland's "smoking, swearing and singing" answer to Mother Teresa, Deirdre decided to immerse herself in the charity boss's world.

The Dundalk native and her husband Stephen Bradley – who wrote and directed the film – along with their children Holly (8) and Daniel (4) all travelled to Saigon for the the 10-week shoot.

"I wouldn't say it was a laugh in Vietnam," Deirdre told The Herald.

"It was incredibly hard work. We were in the ghettos, in very poor places. I was sweating the whole time.

"I looked amazing though. I dropped around seven pounds," she laughs.

"We also brought the kids with us so that was intense," she says. "I got very sick before the filming and I had a four-year-old who complained about everything."

Deirdre, who has also starred in Sky Living's Moone Boy, says the role is easily the biggest of her career to date.

"She's like Ireland's smoking, swearing and singing answer to Mother Teresa and playing her is the biggest thing I've done in my career – by a mile," said Deirdre, who was talking at the launch of O2's new Freedom Talk Plan.

Noble, which chronicles Christina Noble's life and achievements, stars Mark Huberman, Ruth Negga, Liam Cunningham and Sarah Greene.

"She is the most incredible human being I have ever met. I want the film to serve her properly."